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Anagrams for: Henry Gale
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Anger as soon as fed is dead- / 'Tis starving makes it fat. -Emily Dickinson, poet (1830-1886)

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Rehang Lye
Hanger Lye
Angler Hey
Argyle Hen
Hang Leery
Angry Heel
Rangy Heel
Ha Greenly
Ah Greenly
Hag Rely En
Hag Lyre En
Hang El Rye
Hang Lye Re
Lag Hen Rye
Lag Her Yen
Gal Hen Rye
Gal Her Yen
Gnarl Eh Ye
Gnarl He Ye
Nag Eh Rely
Nag Eh Lyre
Nag He Rely
Nag He Lyre
Nag Her Lye
Rang Eh Lye
Rang He Lye
Rang Hey El
Angry Eh El
Angry He El
Rangy Eh El
Rangy He El
Yang Her El
Rag Hen Lye
Gar Hen Lye
Gray Hen El
Ha Glen Rye
Ah Glen Rye
Rah Leg Yen
Rah Gel Yen
Rah Glen Ye
Hay Glen Re
La Grey Hen
Lay Erg Hen
Ran Leg Hey
Ran Gel Hey
Nary Leg Eh
Nary Leg He
Nary Gel Eh
Nary Gel He
Yarn Leg Eh
Yarn Leg He
Yarn Gel Eh
Yarn Gel He
Any Leg Her
Any Gel Her
Nay Leg Her
Nay Gel Her
Ray Leg Hen
Ray Gel Hen
Ray Glen Eh
Ray Glen He
Ay Glen Her
Ya Glen Her

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