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Anagrams for: Lee Heffernan

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Evil is like a shadow - it has no real substance of its own, it is simply a lack of light. You cannot cause a shadow to disappear by trying to fight it, stamp on it, by railing against it, or any other form of emotional or physical resistance. In order to cause a shadow to disappear, you must shine light on it. -Shakti Gawain, teacher and author (b. 1948)

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185 found. Displaying first 100:
Helena Fen Ref
Raffle Nee Hen
Fare Fennel He
Fare Fennel Eh
Fear Fennel He
Fear Fennel Eh
Henna Flee Ref
Henna Feel Ref
Henna Free Elf
Henna Reef Elf
Fa Fennel Here
Fan Feeler Hen
Ah Fennel Free
Ah Fennel Reef
Ha Fennel Free
Ha Fennel Reef
Rah Fee Fennel
A Flee Fern Hen
A Feel Fern Hen
A Fennel Ref He
A Fennel Ref Eh
A Heel Fen Fern
Leaf Fen Hen Re
Leaf Fen Her En
Leaf Fern He En
Leaf Fern Eh En
Leaf Ref Hen En
Flea Fen Hen Re
Flea Fen Her En
Flea Fern He En
Flea Fern Eh En
Flea Ref Hen En
Flare Fen He En
Flare Fen Eh En
Feral Fen He En
Feral Fen Eh En
Fare Elf Hen En
Fare Fen Hen El
Fear Elf Hen En
Fear Fen Hen El
Heal Fen Ref En
Hale Fen Ref En
Hare Elf Fen En
Hear Elf Fen En
Rhea Elf Fen En
Ale Fen Fern He
Ale Fen Fern Eh
Ale Fen Ref Hen
Lea Fen Fern He
Lea Fen Fern Eh
Lea Fen Ref Hen
Lane Fen Ref He
Lane Fen Ref Eh
Lean Fen Ref He
Lean Fen Ref Eh
Elan Fen Ref He
Elan Fen Ref Eh
Nae Elf Fen Her
Nae Elf Fern He
Nae Elf Fern Eh
Nae Elf Ref Hen
Earn Elf Fen He
Earn Elf Fen Eh
Near Elf Fen He
Near Elf Fen Eh
Ear Elf Fen Hen
Era Elf Fen Hen
Are Elf Fen Hen
Fa Fennel He Re
Fa Fennel Eh Re
Fa Heel Fern En
Fa Lee Fern Hen
Fa Eel Fern Hen
Fa Reel Fen Hen
Fa Leer Fen Hen
Half Nee Fen Re
Half Nee Ref En
Half Ere Fen En
Flan Fee Hen Re
Flan Fee Her En
Flan Free He En
Flan Free Eh En
Flan Reef He En
Flan Reef Eh En
Flan Nee Ref He
Flan Nee Ref Eh
Flan Ere Fen He
Flan Ere Fen Eh
Fan Flee Hen Re
Fan Flee Her En
Fan Feel Hen Re
Fan Feel Her En
Fan Free Hen El
Fan Reef Hen El
Fan Heel Fen Re
Fan Heel Ref En
Fan Here Elf En
Fan Here Fen El
Fan Lee Fen Her
Fan Lee Fern He

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