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Infidel, n. In New York, one who does not believe in the Christian religion; in Constantinople, one who does. -Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), [The Devil's Dictionary, 1906]

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4749 found. Displaying first 100:
Electing Mown Ox
Cementing Owl Ox
Cementing Low Ox
Cementing Lox Ow
Genetic Lox Mown
Neglect Minx Woo
Centime Gown Lox
Excite Long Mown
Clement Owing Ox
Welcome Tong Nix
Excel Mowing Ton
Excel Mowing Not
Excel Noting Mow
Excel Toning Mow
Excel Owning Tom
Excel Owning Mot
Excel Ingot Mown
Excel Tog Minnow
Excel Got Minnow
Cement Lowing Ox
Cement Owing Lox
Exec Molting Won
Exec Molting Now
Exec Molting Own
Exec Owning Molt
Welcoming Ten Ox
Welcoming Net Ox
Welcoming Ex Ton
Welcoming Ex Not
Clewing Oxen Tom
Clewing Oxen Mot
Clewing Next Moo
Cologne Went Mix
Cologne Newt Mix
Cologne Wen Mixt
Cologne New Mixt
Cologne Wet Minx
Cognomen Welt Xi
Cognomen Ex Wilt
Lexicon Gem Town
Lexicon Gem Wont
Lexicon Gent Mow
Lexicon Get Mown
Lexicon Met Gown
Lexicon Mew Tong
Mince Extol Gown
Income Next Glow
Mexico Glen Town
Mexico Glen Wont
Mexico Lent Gown
Mexico Went Long
Mexico Newt Long
Wince Next Gloom
Exotic Glen Mown
Monocle Next Wig
Clew Gnome Toxin
Clew Meninx Togo
Clew Next Mooing
Conmen Wiglet Ox
Conmen Exit Glow
Conmen Extol Wig
Cowmen Tingle Ox
Cowmen Tinge Lox
Cowmen Leg Toxin
Cowmen Gel Toxin
Cowmen Exit Long
Cowmen Extol Gin
Cowmen Oxen Gilt
Come Next Lowing
Cent Meowing Lox
Cote Meninx Glow
Clowning Meet Ox
Clowning Mete Ox
Clowning Teem Ox
Clowning Tome Ex
Clowning Mote Ex
Cooling Mew Next
Cowling Met Oxen
Logic Women Next
Oncoming Welt Ex
Coming Telex Won
Coming Telex Now
Coming Telex Own
Coming Tween Lox
Coming Extol Wen
Coming Extol New
Coming Welt Oxen
Gnomic Telex Won
Gnomic Telex Now
Gnomic Telex Own
Gnomic Tween Lox
Gnomic Extol Wen
Gnomic Extol New
Gnomic Welt Oxen
Cooing Mewl Next
Cowing Molten Ex
Cowing Mole Next
Cowing Melt Oxen
Cowing Extol Men
Congo, Newel Mixt

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