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Anagrams for: You're a moron Ed

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Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. Many people of average intelligence are skilled thinkers. The power of the car is separate from the way the car is driven. -Edward De Bono, consultant, writer, and speaker (b. 1933)

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Enamored Or You
Enamored Our Yo
Demeanor Or You
Demeanor Our Yo
Enamoured Or Yo
Demeanour Or Yo
Aerodrome Nu Yo
Endear Moo Your
Endear Moor You
Endear Room You
Earned Moo Your
Earned Moor You
Earned Room You
Neared Moo Your
Neared Moor You
Neared Room You
Yearned Moo Our
Deanery Moo Our
Eared Moon Your
Eared Mono Your
Eared Moron You
Dearer Moon You
Dearer Mono You
Reared Moon You
Reared Mono You
Reread Moon You
Reread Mono You
Reader Moon You
Reader Mono You
Moaned Ore Your
Moaned Roe Your
Moaned Yore Our
Daemon Ore Your
Daemon Roe Your
Daemon Yore Our
Marooned Re You
Marooned Rue Yo
Marooned Ye Our
Roamed Eon Your
Roamed One Your
Roamed Roue Yon
Roamed Euro Yon
Armored Eon You
Armored One You
Armoured Eon Yo
Armoured One Yo
Dean Romeo Your
Dean Roomer You
Dean Roue Roomy
Dean Euro Roomy
Anode More Your
Anode Rue Roomy
Rondeau More Yo
Rondeau Yore Om
Rondeau Rye Moo
Rondeau Ye Moor
Rondeau Ye Room
Unread Romeo Yo
Unread Yore Moo
Unready Ore Moo
Unready Roe Moo
Oared Omen Your
Oared Money Our
Adore Omen Your
Adore Money Our
Adorer Omen You
Adorer Moue Yon
Roared Omen You
Roared Moue Yon
Deary Roue Moon
Deary Roue Mono
Deary Euro Moon
Deary Euro Mono
Ready Roue Moon
Ready Roue Mono
Ready Euro Moon
Ready Euro Mono
Nomad Roue Yore
Nomad Euro Yore
Doorman Ere You
Doorman Eye Our
Doorman Roue Ye
Doorman Euro Ye
Dynamo Ore Roue
Dynamo Ore Euro
Dynamo Roe Roue
Dynamo Roe Euro
Monday Ore Roue
Monday Ore Euro
Monday Roe Roue
Monday Roe Euro
Adorn Moue Yore
Radon Moue Yore
Around Eery Moo
Around Eye Moor
Around Eye Room
Around Romeo Ye
Ado Enure Roomy
Ado Moue Ornery
Road Yeomen Our

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