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Anagrams for: a costly lawsuit
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A politician is a man who thinks of the next election; while the statesman thinks of the next generation. -James Freeman Clarke, preacher and author (1810-1888)

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Actuality Slows
Waistcoat Sully
Casuist Tallowy
Casuist Tollway
A Callous Twisty
A Lawsuit Costly
A Tollways Ictus
Statically Ow Us
Cattails Yowl Us
Salacity Lust Ow
Salacity Slut Ow
Cattail Lo Wussy
Cattail Yowls Us
Cassia Lowly Tut
Calla Twists You
Calla Twits Yous
Calla Twist Yous
Calla Twisty Sou
Calla Witty Sous
Callas Twits You
Callas Twist You
Callas Twit Yous
Callas Witty Sou
Clausal Tits Yow
Clausal Twits Yo
Clausal Twist Yo
Clausal Wist Toy
Clausal Wits Toy
Clausal Twit Soy
Clausal Witty So
Clausal Wit Toys
Casually Sit Two
Casually Sit Wot
Casually Sit Tow
Casually Tis Two
Casually Tis Wot
Casually Tis Tow
Casually Its Two
Casually Its Wot
Casually Its Tow
Casually Tits Ow
Casually Wist To
Casually Wits To
Casually It Stow
Casually It Tows
Casually It Wost
Casually It Twos
Casually Ti Stow
Casually Ti Tows
Casually Ti Wost
Casually Ti Twos
Casually Tit Sow
Casually Twit So
Casually Wit Sot
Causally Sit Two
Causally Sit Wot
Causally Sit Tow
Causally Tis Two
Causally Tis Wot
Causally Tis Tow
Causally Its Two
Causally Its Wot
Causally Its Tow
Causally Tits Ow
Causally Wist To
Causally Wits To
Causally It Stow
Causally It Tows
Causally It Wost
Causally It Twos
Causally Ti Stow
Causally Ti Tows
Causally Ti Wost
Causally Ti Twos
Causally Tit Sow
Causally Twit So
Causally Wit Sot
Actually I Stows
Actually Is Stow
Actually Is Tows
Actually Is Wost
Actually Is Twos
Actually Sis Two
Actually Sis Wot
Actually Sis Tow
Actually Sits Ow
Actually Sit Sow
Actually Tis Sow
Actually Its Sow
Actually Wist So
Actually Wits So
Actually It Sows
Actually Ti Sows
Actually Wit Sos
Casuals Tilt Yow
Casuals Wilt Toy
Casuals Wily Tot
Casuals Tit Yowl
Casuals Witty Lo
Casualty Silt Ow

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